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Environmental technology
As one of the most important targets of our age, air pollution control requires reliable technology in thermo-process systems in order to keep emissions to a minimum. We provide corrosion-resistant safety shut-off and control valves with appropriate type testing for combustion systems for low-emission disposal of exhaust gases that are harmful to the environment e.g. in low temperature or high temperature flare systems.

valves for environmental technology

  • 6-4 EVA 24
  • EVSA
  • EPVA Niederdruck
  • EPVA Hochdruck
  • EPV(O) 3/2 Wege Steuerventil
  • Mengen-Regelklappe
  • MRK-MA..R bis 1000 grad celisus
  • MRK WE PN Leckage
  • 12 EVF-R automatisches Sicherheitsabsperrventil
  • 5/10/25/40-EV...NH
  • EPV DIN Norm 32725

complete solutions for environmental technology

combination of double safety valves

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We cover a wide range of applications with more than 2500 standard products for different pressure ranges. We come up with special solutions for individual requirements.

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Outstanding know-how is the first prerequisite for quality. We therefore put our faith in highly qualified employees who use their experience on behalf of our customers.

It's all in the detail

Direct access to all planning-related technical data about our solenoid valves, electro pneumatic valves and regulating valves.

Also successful in international sales

Many years of collaboration creates trust and produces outstanding results. Our international partners are present on site.