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24.-27.10.17 Komarine 2017 Busan, South Korea

the right size
for any medium

Industrial furnace construction
Many different demands are made of the components of the firing system in industrial firing systems / industrial furnace construction
in the expansive industrial heat generation application area. Be it valves for large switching cycle quantities, aggressive and dusty mixed gases, hot gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, the wide range of materials for our type-tested fittings provides a solution for almost any usage case, including ATEX compliant valves, of course.

valves for industrial furnace construction

  • EVSA automatisches Sicherheitsabsperrventil
  • Uni-Geräte Elektro Magnetventil EVS
  • 1-EVO 7/R no Gas Magnetventil
  • EPVA...N(H) Sonderanfertigung China
  • EPVA...N(H) (MZ) mit Öffnungsverzögerung
  • 1/6-4-EPVA Niederdruck
  • 03 EVA 15-4
  • Mengen-Regelklappe als Stellgeräte in der Feuerungstechnik
  • Mengen-Regelklappe in der Feuerungstechnik bis 1000 grad celsius
  • Mengen-Regelklappe (MRK)
  • MRK WE PN Leckage
  • MRS Stellgerät zum Regeln ohne Nullabschluss mit Leckage
  • MRS mit Pneumatikventil
  • 4/10 EVSA
  • 4/10 EVSA
  • EVSA automatisches Sicherheitsabsperrventil
  • MEA Voreinstellgerät in der Feuerungstechnik
  • MEA Uni Geräte Mengen-Einstellarmatur

Extensive bandwidth and individual thoughtfulness

We cover a wide range of applications with more than 2500 standard products for different pressure ranges. We come up with special solutions for individual requirements.

Good products start in your head

Outstanding know-how is the first prerequisite for quality. We therefore put our faith in highly qualified employees who use their experience on behalf of our customers.

It's all in the detail

Direct access to all planning-related technical data about our solenoid valves, electro pneumatic valves and regulating valves.

Also successful in international sales

Many years of collaboration creates trust and produces outstanding results. Our international partners are present on site.