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Power stations
Uni-Geräte valves are used for safely shutting off the fuel supplies of gas turbines and large boiler systems in large power stations, and also for providing a distributed supply of energy for gas motors, fuel cells and turbines in the low power range. Irrespective of whether the fluid is gaseous or liquid, we provide a wide range of safety shut-off valves and regulating valves. For use with explosion protection we provide ATEX solutions for zones 1 and 2.

valves for power stations

  • 40 EVSA Sicherheitsabsperrventil
  • 135 EVS Sonderanfertigung Absperrventil
  • 40 EVS A NH-4 mit Druckausgleichskolben
  • 40-6-EPV 400nc mit Druckregler
  • Doppelmagnetventil VX
  • EVA UNI Geräte Gas Magnetventil
  • Mengen-Regelklappe für die Feuerungstechnik
  • Mengen-Regel-Schieber für die Feuerungstechnik
  • EVSA Automatisches Sicherheitsabsperrventil
  • EVSA 4-10 bar Betriebsdruck
  • 10/16/40-4-EPVA Hochdruck
  • 1/6-4-EPVA Niederdruck

System solutions for power stations


Fuel valve systems for gas turbine

Valve system consisting of manually operated ball valve, special filter with ceramic filter candles, two safety stop valves and an intermediate venting valve. Connection facility for customer instrumentation.

Gas temperatures: bis 300°C
Stainless steel, suitable for: synthesis gas
Design pressure: 16 bar
Operating pressure: 11 - 14 bar
Suitable for installation in: ATEX Zone 2

Natural gas control section for gas engine

The control section is designed according to customer specification with gas filter, gas meter, pressure control with manual safety stop valve, safety blow-off valve and pneumatic valve combination.

Design pressure: 16 bar
Operating pressure in inlet: 4-12 bar
Operating pressure in oulet: 200 mbar


Valve station for water tube boiler

Valve station for water tube boiler in large power station. The double valve stations for heavy oil burners contain a line for atomiser steam and / or a line for atomiser air.

Fuel: Heavy fuel oil, crude oil
Design pressure: 40 bar
Operating pressure: to max. 12 bar
Fuel pre-heated to: 140°C
Atomiser steam controlled to: 250°C
Atomiser steam pressure during operation: 4-10 bar

Natural gas control section

The main section mainly consists of a manual shut-off, a fine gas filter with differential pressure monitoring, a pressure control device with a manual safety stop valve and a pneumatic valve combination. Connected to this is a normally open valve for venting the fuel line to the engine. The safety control section for a gas engine test bench contains a main section with a nominal diameter of DN50 / DN65 and a pre-chamber section with a nominal diameter of ½“.

Design pressure: 1000 kPa (10 bar)
Operating pressure: 700-850 kPa (7-8,5 bar)



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