Promising Valvolutions


Valves and system solutions for complex tasks


As the requirements grow, we do more than just grow with them – we grow beyond them. We thus develop highly complex valve stations, valve systems and safety control systems in accordance with the most stringent requirements and specific conditions.

Special space requirements motivate us. As do extreme operating conditions and unusual pipeline routing. Our promise to you: you are guaranteed to get an appropriate solution – as part of a system.


Main product types

Large boiler system valve unit

The double valve stations for heavy oil burners contain a line for steam and a line for atomising air.

  • Fuel: Heavy fuel oil, crude oil
  • Design pressure: 40 bar
  • Operating pressure: up to max. 12 bar
  • Fuel: pre-heated to 140°C
  • Atomising steam: controlled to 250°C
  • Atomising steam pressure: 4-10 bar during operation

Fuel valve system for gas turbines

Valve system comprising a manually operated ball valve, gas filter with ceramic filter cartridge, two safety shut-off valves and intermediate vent valve. Connection available for instrumentation provided by the customer.

  • Gas temperatures: up to 300 °C
  • Stainless steel design suitable for: synthesis gas
  • Design pressure: 16 bar
  • Operating pressure 11 – 14 bar
  • Suitable for installation in: ATEX zone 2

Vertical control systems for DF engines with marine certification

The control system unit with vertical arrangement reduces the space requirement on the ship to a minimum and contains two complete safety control systems for two dual fuel engines.

  • Design pressure: 6 bar
  • Operating input pressure: 4.5 bar
  • Output line pressure: 0 bar
  • Suitable for: CNG

Safety control system for dual fuel engines

The main line primarily comprises a hand valve, fine gas filter, flowmeter, pressure regulator with manual safety shut-off valve and pneumatic valve combination. A further valve which is open when unpowered for venting the fuel line to the engine is subsequently fitted. Marine approval from LR (Lloyds Register) and KR (Korean Register).

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